Monday, 19 October 2009

.... because I want to work for Grace Coddington!

So yes..... I watched the September Issue this weekend. It definitely gives an interesting insight into US Vogue! Anna Wintour is the well known Editor in Chief. However, the star of this feature length documentary in my opinion is Grace Coddington the Creative Director. 
I want to work for her! 
'Coddington started her career in front of the lens, winning a modeling contest sponsored by British Vogue in 1959. She switched roles to become an editor a decade later, after a car accident. Coddington says she and Wintour ran in the same circles in London and both came to the U.S. in the late '80s. Coddington is charming, delightful, passionate and so committed to celebrating beauty and her revolutionary notion that clothes, models and photographers could tell stories and not just be objects. Every billboard, fashion magazine spread, every advertisement we see today has been influenced by Grace Coddington. (RJ Cutler)

Below are some examples of one of her photo shoots featured in the September Issue 2009.
 She is a true inspiration!